Understanding Auto Insurance

Excuses People Give For Driving Without Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance is not only mandatory, but it is also extremely useful. It is unfortunate that some people drive without coverage. Here are some of the reasons people drive without insurance coverage and why they are bad reasons for that:

They Think It's Expensive

Many of those who drive without coverage do so because they believe auto insurance coverage is expensive. The average annual car insurance cost ranges from slightly over a thousand dollars in some states to slightly over two thousand dollars in some expensive states. Certainly, this is not a pittance by many people's standards. However, remember that this is an average, which means there are those who are paying way less or way more of this amount. This means there are things you can do to enjoy low auto insurance rates even though others are paying more.

However, even if you live in a state where rates are relatively higher, paying for insurance will still be cheaper than driving without insurance. Without auto insurance coverage, you will have to pay out of your pockets for all car repairs (and replacement), use your assets to compensate drivers you may injure in an accident, and even run into trouble with the law.

They Think They Are Good Drivers

There are also those who don't have coverage because they believe they are good drivers and they aren't likely to be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there are several fallacies with this belief. First, even the best drivers get into accidents because of factors out of their control (such as the actions of other road users). Secondly, auto insurance isn't just for dealing with accidents; it also helps you repair or replace your car in case of damage. Lastly, having auto insurance is also a good way of protecting your assets because, without it, others may target your personal property for compensation in case they are injured by your car.

They Think It's Unnecessary Because They Rarely Drive

Lastly, there are also those without auto insurance coverage because they drive only sporadically. If you are one of these people, then you should know that an accident can occur even during a test drive or when driving a car around the block. What if one day you borrow a friend's car for a quick errand and end up causing an accident? Not only that, but you should also know that the medical coverage portion of your auto insurance policy will come to your rescue even if you are injured while not driving. For example, if a hit-and-run driver hits you while you are jogging by the road, your auto insurance coverage can help pay for your medical bills.