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Tips For Processing Flood Damaged Car Claims

A flood can cause serious car damage; in fact, many flood-damaged cars are written off. It makes sense, therefore, that you will be in a hurry to have your claim settled as soon as possible if your car has been damaged by a flood. Here are a few useful tips to hasten the process:

Document the Damage

You need to document the damage before drying out the car. The insurance company needs to be aware of exactly the type of damage suffered by your car so that they aren't shocked when the repair estimates seem high. The best way of doing this is to take pictures and videos of the car, both the interior and the exterior, before cleaning out the car.

Mitigate the Damage

All insurance companies expect their client to mitigate damage when disaster strikes, and your car insurance company expects you to do the same. The insurance company will only compensate you for the initial damage that you couldn't have prevented and not for the subsequent damages that you contributed to. Therefore, mitigate the damage by not starting the car, opening the windows and doors to encourage drying and generally getting rid of flood debris or remnant water.

Know Who to Contact

Some insurance companies set up disaster response stations in times of widespread disaster. If your insurance company has such a station, contact the disaster response station as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact the agent that sold the coverage to you so that they can get things moving. That will be faster than contacting the insurance company's general contact number.

Use the Insurance Company's Preferred Auto Shop

Flood damage doesn't always show up immediately in cars, some damages (including rust) only show up later while others are difficult to diagnose. This means that if your car isn't cleaned out or dried by a professional and experienced mechanic, you may drive off with some hidden damage. Get a guarantee for the work on your car by using your auto insurance company's preferred auto shop. That way if you discover a hidden damage later on, the insurance company won't accuse you of causing it by using an unskilled mechanic to service the car.

Act Immediately

Lastly, you need to contact the insurance company as soon as possible. Note that flood is a disaster that often strikes a wide area, meaning many people will be dealing with the same issues as yours. Your insurance company will probably process the claims on a first-come-first-serve basis. Presenting your claim early keeps you ahead of the queue.

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